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On-Site Optical Laboratory/ Same Day Service


We have a full-service optical laboratory located right in our office. Our lab is equipped with the latest in edging technology and stocked with a wide array of single vision lenses. By producing our glasses in-house, we are able to give the highest quality assurance, fastest processing time, and best value and cost savings to our patients.

We have access to the latest and most technically advanced lens treatments and materials available in the market today.  When you receive your new eyewear, you can rest assured it has been manufactured to meet the exact standards of your prescription.  

Our on-site lab allows us to offer same-day service for most single vision prescriptions.  Due to insurance restrictions or specialty lens options, some lenses may need to be ordered. Lenses that need to be ordered usually arrive within a few days and are processed on the day we receive them. 

Another benefit of our on-site lab is that you do not have to give up your frame when only getting new lenses.  For patients who are replacing the lenses in their current frame, we can order the new lenses and schedule an appointment for you to stop by and have the new lenses edged on site at your convenience. Your brand new lenses will be ready in less than an hour!