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Pass Along The Savings Special 40% off a 2nd Pair of Glasses

Did You Know???

One pair of glasses may not be allowing you to see to your full potential…


Are you on the computer for several hours a day? Do your eyes get tired, or do you have pain in your neck and shoulders from trying to look out of the correct portion of your glasses? A pair of computer glasses can make all the difference. They allow you to focus properly on the computer which can also help your posture and relieve tension.


Does the sun bother you when you are driving? A quality pair of prescription sunglasses with the proper lenses are truly amazing at reducing glare.


Does your bifocal get in the way when you are laying down to watch TV or doing other distance activities? A pair of single vision distance glasses may be just the ticket.


Do you do a lot of crafting, sewing, or small detailed work? A pair of high powered near glasses can make these tasks much easier.


The options are limitless! Let us know what you need to see better and we will help you find the proper solution!

Our manufacturers are now offering a second pair discount which we are happy to pass along to our loyal patients…

Receive 40% off a Second Pair of Glasses



*Second pair discount is good for 30 days after initial purchase of eyewear. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other exclusions may apply. This offer is good for the rest of the year.