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Don’t Miss the Contact Lens Open House

Come and Experience What “Nothing” feels like!!


Drs Truitt & Truitt Inc., in conjunction with Alcon Laboratories will be hosting a Daily Disposable Contact Lens Open House on Tues April 29, 2014 from 10am-6pm.  This is a great opportunity to try the latest breakthrough in Daily Disposable Contact lens enhanced comfort technology. Stop by our office to enjoy some refreshments, sign up for door prizes and be fit with trial daily disposable/ single use contacts.

Daily Disposable Contacts are the healthiest and most comfortable way to wear contact lenses. They allow longer, safer wearing times for people with busy lifestyles. Daily Disposable Contacts are now available in astigmatism and bifocal powers.

You will notice whiter eyes and increased comfort with the newest in daily disposable contact lenses. It’s almost like wearing no contact lens at all. That’s why we say….Come and Experience what “Nothing” feels like.

dailiestotal 1 PIC FOR OPENHOUSE